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Oculoplastic Surgery Specialists


Our practice specializes in a variety of oculoplastic and ophthalmic plastic surgery procedures, both reconstructive and cosmetic.

About our Practice

Founded in 1990, our practice is devoted exclusively to oculoplastic and ophthalmic plastic surgery (areas surrounding the eye and mid-face).

Post-Surgery Tips

Learn about after-surgery care protocols that are specific to your procedure.

Before/After Photos

View photos of our patients before and after procedures.


  • Practice Overview

    Founded in 1990, our practice specializes in oculoplastic and ophthalmic plastic surgery (reconstructive and cosmetic procedures surrounding the eye). Read more about our practice, physicians and staff.

  • Conditions & Treatments

    We specialize in treating a variety of conditions, ranging from Eye Ptosis to Blocked Tear Ducts.

  • Cosmetic

    Our doctors are specialists in performing facial rejuvenation procedures, including BOTOX® and Fillers.

  • Hospitals & Surgery Centers

    We have privileges at many different hospitals & surgery centers in the Twin Cities area.

  • After Surgery Care

    View our general guidelines for after surgery care. Please note: these are general guidelines and are not intended to replace medical care.