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There are many kinds of eye trauma and all should be treated as an emergency. We treat injuries that require the attention of an eye reconstructive surgery specialist. Such injuries include blowout fracture of the orbit, eyelid and lacrimal system laceration due to accident or animal attack, and any other injury that may result in damage to orbit and tissues of the eye.

The most common eye traumas we treat are blowout fracture and lid lacerations. In blowout fracture injury, the bones of the orbit are damaged usually from blunt trauma such as an auto accident or sports injury. It is marked by orbital tenderness, reduced movement of the eye, double vision, edema, hemorrhage, ptosis, and altered eye position in the orbit. Blowout fracture can cause persistent problems and should be treated as an emergency. Your eye plastic surgeon will determine if surgery is necessary to achieve satisfying cosmetic and functional results for your individual case.

Eyelid laceration can be especially traumatic for all involved due to its upsetting appearance. If no damage to the eye itself occurs, then repair of eye tissue appearance and function alone is required. Lid laceration repair is best performed by an eye reconstructive specialist.

Remember to take precaution and always wear the appropriate protective eye gear when participating in any activity that might endanger the eyes.

For any trauma seek an urgent care center or emergency room immediately, or call 911.