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Below are some general guidelines that apply to most or all surgeries and after-care requirements.

• With any surgery, complications can occur. Ask our physicians about potential complications or side-effects for your surgery.

• Read all materials carefully and thoroughly. The better you understand your procedure, after-care instructions, and potential side-effects, the more comfortable you will be with the process.

• Bruising, swelling, and minimal bleeding at incision lines is normal. Slight bleeding may persist for 2-5 days. Bruising and swelling may persist for 7-14 days or longer depending on the individual.

• Use an ice-pack on the surgery site for the first 2-4 days or until swelling goes down. Place an icepack with a clean, dry cloth over the area for about 15 minutes 6 times per day.

• After swelling has gone down, use a warm pack, such as a warm washcloth, on the site for 2-4 days. Place it on the area for about 15 minutes 2-4 times per day until the irritation subsides.

• If a prescription ophthalmic ointment is given to you, use as directed until the tube is finished. Refills should not be necessary, but may be supplied if needed. Reapply after each cleansing or use of a cold or warm pack.

• Ophthalmic ointment can create blurred vision if the product gets into the eyes. Blurred vision as a result of ointment appears like an oil-slick or gel is over the eyes. It is safe for the product to enter the eyes. However, if you experience sudden or acute visual loss, call our office.

• Infections are rare, but monitor yourself for discharge of thick or discolored fluid around incision lines.

• Sleeping with your head elevated for the first several days can help minimize blood pooling in the operative area, which will help relieve inflammation and bruising.

• Most patients are able to resume normal activity 1 to 2 days after surgery. This includes walking, driving, and other such activities. Proceed with these activities as your comfort level dictates.

• Exercise and heavy lifting (more than 10 lbs) should be limited for 7-10 days after surgery.

• Depending on your procedure, we can supply up to 14 days medical release from work. Many patients may arrange suitable work arrangements with their employer should they chose to resume work activities earlier.

• A follow-up appointment will be set for you 2-4 weeks post-surgery.

Everyone has a unique healing process and will react differently. If a condition or concern arises that is not addressed here or in our after-care directives, please call our office at (952) 925-4161.